SCOTTII Tactical Shell Case Samsung Galaxy S8

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Brand New Design
Our new tough case for the Galaxy S8 is a completely original design that gives your phone a rugged look as if it were wearing a new coat of armor.

Heavy Duty Protection
The Tactical Shell Galaxy S8 Case is the ultimate defense for drop protection – aided by our Dual Layer Technology and Impact Cushions.

# Made with high quality TPU and Polycarbonate for superior shock absorption
# Ergonomic Slip-Resistant Pattern to prevent you from dropping your phone
# Easy access to ports and buttons as well as a lanyard hole built into the frame

Dual-Layer Shock Absorption
We use the highest quality Polycarbonate and TPU to create our Dual-Layer Technology for shock absorption against drops.

Slip-Resistant Ergonomic Grip
Our Tactical Shell Rugged Galaxy S8 Case is equipped with ergonomic Slip-Resistant modules that help you maintain a grip on your Galaxy S8

Easy Accessibility
The Tactical Shell is our most accessible case ever – with easy access to buttons as well as enlarged ports to fit any 3rd party adapter or charging cable.

  • The Tactical Shell Galaxy S8 Case is the ultimate defender and heavy duty armor for your Galaxy S8 that features a brand new rugged design – built to take on any challenge that may come your way during your adventures in harsher environments.
  • This tough Galaxy S8 Case is designed specifically for drop protection with our shock absorbing Dual-Layer technology and our Impact Cushions located on the corners – engineered by utilizing materials (TPU and Polycarbonate) of the highest quality.
  • Our Galaxy S8 Rugged Case accentuates tactility with our ergonomically placed Slip-Resistant surface as well as the Non-Slip pattern embedded on the sides – meanwhile the Resin coating ensures a smooth sensation to the touch.
  • scottii’s Tactical Shell Rugged Case for Galaxy S8 is our most accessible case yet – with enlarged port openings to fit any USB-C cable or adapter, as well as easy access to the Bixby Button and the biometric scanner

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